MS Gel Coat Restoration System -

MS Gel Coat Restoration System

Has the sun been a bit unkind to your boat? Has it lost the shine and luster that it once had? The MS Gel Coat Restoration System can bring it back to life and restore the shine!

The MS Restorer is a clear-coat finish that brings back the shine and keeps it. Its easy to use, just wipe it on and the shine starts to come back. After a few quick-drying coats, the shine builds up and brings old boats (or RVs) back to life.

We are proud to introduce this new line of Gel Coat restoration products. We've been testing these products for awhile and are very happy with the results...and you will be too!

Get a kit, or only what you need

The MS Gel Coat Restoration kit contains everything you need to restore the shine to your boat, RV or motor home. We have kits for small or large jobs, lightly-faded or heavily-oxidized boats. Or get individual bottles if you just need more of one or two items.

Each kit contains the MS 31 Oxidation Remover and a scrub pad, MS 40 Boat and RV Wash, MS 51 Gel Coat Sealer, MS 60 Sealer Remover, and instructions with more details about the kit. We also have larger kits for bigger boats and RVs (see How Much Do I Need? for more details).

How To Apply

Applying the MS Gel Coat Restoration sytem is a simple two-step process.

Step 1 - Clean The Surface

To remove the oxidation and old wax, apply a little of the MS 31 Oxidation Remover to the white pad and scrub the surface just like you would scrub a dirty floor. Work a small area that you can reach easily. Then, flush the oxidation off the surface using a hose. Nothing remains on the surface so there is NO BUFFING required. Complete the cleaning step with a quick wash. Put a squirt of the MS 40 Boat Wash in a bucket of water and wash the surface with a sponge or soft scrub brush. Rinse with clean water and chamois the surface dry to prevent water spots.

Step 2 - Restore The Shine

The MS 51 Gel Coat Sealer And Color Restorer will produce a high gloss shine on all gel coat surfaces. MS 51 eliminates the need to wax or polish the gel coat. The sealer should be applied to a clean dry surface. The surface temperature should be between 50F and 85F. Apply sealer to the applicator and wipe the applicator across the surface. You do not need to brush it in as you would house paint. The sealer will dry for recoating within two minutes. NO BUFFING. Most surfaces will require five coats of sealer for a deep shine.

Why Is Sealer Remover In the Kit?

Each kit contains a spray bottle of the MS 60 Sealer Remover. In most cases, you'll never use it, but it does give you some options. You can try out the system by cleaning and coating a small area on your boat or RV to become familiar with the process, then easily remove the sealer from the test section and apply the sealer to the whole section. If you put to much sealer on the applicator and this produces a run on the surface, you can easily remove the excess sealer and continue with the coating process.

To use the sealer remover, wet the area using the spray bottle, scrub with the white scrub pad, and rinse with clean water. When the surface is dry, you can re-coat with the MS 51.

Vinyl Decals

The surface of vinyl decals can oxidize over time and have a dull appearance. If the decals are in good shape but not shiny, cleaning with the oxidation remover and applying sealer should restore the look of the decals. You can go over the decals with the sealer at the same time you coat the gel coat.

How Much Do I Need?

We have several kits available for boats and RVs/motor homes of different sizes.

We also have a test kit if you'd like to try it out before spending a lot of money.