Update: We do not have Vertglas products in stock.

We received our last shipment from Vertglas in May 2012. Since that time, we have not been able to contact them by telephone or E-mail.

We do have a very good replacement for the Vertglas line. The MS Gel Coat Restoration System is a direct replacement for Vertglas. The MS System contains the same components as the Vertglas system . You may follow the Vertglas instructions to use the MS System.

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The Vertglas gelcoat restoration system restores faded and oxidized fiberglass and gelcoat to like-new shine without buffing or polishing. Not a boat wax or polish, Vertglas restorer is a sealer which prevents oxidation and makes boat / RV maintenance and care simple. For restoring and cleaning fiberglass, Vertglas is the best shine restorer for faded / dull fiberglass on boats (including hulls), RV / motorhomes, pickup cap or any gel coat surface.

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