- Alisyn Synthetic Spray Grease -

Alisyn Synthetic Spray Grease

  • Ultra-high-performance developed for military and aerospace applications...
  • Easy spray-on application for all moving parts...

What is Alisyn?

Alisyn ultra-high-performance synthetic spray grease is designed for the toughest working conditions so your boat is protected. Made from pure synthetic hydrocarbon fluids, Alisyn doesn't contain the impurities that may degrade conventional petroleum-base greases. The state-of-the art formula was developed to meet strict U.S. Military performance standards (MIL-G-81322D) for long-service life in high-speed turbine engines and aircraft wheel bearings.

Superior Performance

Based upon independent laboratory testing, Alisyn outperforms the best spray lubricants available on the market and provides long-life and improved wear-resistance. It doesn't drip or run like oils - it stays where you spray it and doesn't evaporate. Alisyn performs under the harshest conditions (such as steel bearings) but is also useful for many other applications where you want and need superior performance.

Alisyn will not harm wiring or circuitry and will help prevent corrosion by repelling moisture. It can even penetrate and help loosen rusted parts and you can even use it with plastic parts, gears and components.

Perfect for tight, hard-to-reach places...

Conventional greases are typically smeared onto the moving parts, introducing contaminants, leaving gaps in coverage and often not penetrating into the smaller spaces (such as around and between hinges). Because you spray Alisyn on, you can coat even the smallest, tightest areas for superior coverage and protection.

There are literally hundreds of places you could (and should) use Alisyn, either for it's superior performance or it's ability to penetrate into the smallest openings and spaces. Some typical applications include...

Marine uses

  • Electric winches
  • Shift, speedometer cables
  • Hinges and pulleys
  • Pump motors
  • Boat trailer rollers
  • Steering assemblies

Aircraft, Auto Uses

  • Aircraft landing gear
  • Seat tracks and slides
  • Motorcycle / bike chains
  • Bearings and shafts
  • Garage-door rollers
  • Window crank assemblies