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Tankette Marine Head Treatment System

  • Stop head odors at the source...
  • Easy installation, care-free maintenance...

Is the head on your boat the most unpleasant area aboard? If so, try installing the Head-o-matic Tankette system. The Tankette system automatically protects the entire system by instantly treating the intake water which then flows through the system. Because it automatically adds in just the right amount of chemicals, you don't have to use any messy liquid head chemicals: Tankette does it for you automatically.

Most odors in marine holding systems are caused by improper amounts of head chemicals in the tank. Tankette is adjustable so you can have just the right amount of chemicals automatically added to the intake water. Another major source of odors is from the stagnant water either outside the boat or in the intake line (you can even get some marine growth in the intake line). Tankette eliminates these sources by treating the water before it reaches the head (and your nose).

The Head-o-matic Tankette system consists of a single unit which automatically adds just the right amount of chemicals to the intake water. It's easily installed in minutes anywhere on the raw water intake side of the head system. Tank-ette has proven to be the most effective and easiest way to control odors in recreational and live-aboard boats.


How Tankette Works

It's simple: You install Tankette on the water intake line of your marine sanitation device (MSD), or head. Inside the unit is a blue disk of head chemicals which we call a bullet . Whenever you draw water through the system, some of the chemicals in the blue bullet are added to the water which then protects your system from odors. Since the treated chemicals are inserted at the water intake, the entire system is treated to eliminate odors. The amount of chemicals added by Tankette to the intake water is adjustable, so you can set it however you like.


Each blue bullet lasts roughly one month, depending upon how Tankette is adjusted and how often you use the head. When it is time to add a new bullet, simply unscrew the top of Tankette and drop in another bullet. You can even use two for longer-lasting protection. It's very convenient and easy to use!

Tankette is effective in both freshwater and saltwater environments. It also makes it easy to winterize and flush the complete head system, saving you time and effort. Finally, the treatment chemicals also help lubricate the pumping mechanism and keep the system running free.