• Keep birds off your boat!!!
  • Easy, colorful protection using harmless pennants...

Shoo-in-a-Sock is a new invention designed to keep birds away from your boat using brightly-colored, festive pennants. Traditionally, pennants have been the best solution but they would often tangle and knot, and generally were not worth the hassle.


Shoo-in-a-Sock has overcome the traditional problems with pennants using an innovative system which attaches to your rigging and pulls out in seconds. Once deployed, the colorful free-flying pennants harmlessly chase away the offending birds.

Each end of Shoo-in-a-Sock has a snap which will attach to itself or your rigging. One Shoo-in-a-Sock has 30 brightly-colored pennants made of fadeproof ripstop nylon and expands from 18 to 32 feet. Units may be connected together for larger boats or greater coverage and protection. The socks (the pennant cover) come in green and red, one for starboard and one for port.

Zig-zag Shoo-in-a-Sock between the railings, crossing the deck several times to provide the illusion of a moving surface unsuitable as a landing area.

Run Shoo-in-a-Sock along the edges of your boat, making the entire surface appear to be an undesirable resting area for birds.