MS 51 Gel Coat Sealer and Color Restorer
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MS 51 Gel Coat Sealer and Color Restorer

The MS 51 Gel Coat Sealer is a water borne coating that will produce a high gloss shine on all gel coated surfaces. The MS 51 air dries to a high gloss so there is no buffing required.
  • Provides a New Boat High Gloss Shine
  • Seals the Surface to Protect the Gel Coat
  • Applies Easily No Buffing is Required for a High Gloss
  • Eliminates the Need for Wax
  • Not Recommended for New Boats
  • Note: The MS 51 is not a bottom paint and is not recommended for used below the water line. The coating may become cloudy if underwater for an extended period of time.
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