MS 61 Sealer Remover -
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MS 61 Sealer Remover

The MS 61 product is used to remove cured MS 51 Sealer from a fiberglass surface. It is a heavy duty version of the MS 60 Sealer Remover that is included in the MS Gel Coat Restoration Kits.

The amount of MS 61 required to strip a surface depends upon many factors such as the number of coats of sealer to be removed, how long the sealer has been on the surface, and the temperature of the surface. Consequently, we can only give a general estimate of coverage. In general, one ounce of remover for three square feet of surface should do the job.

The 16 ounce Trigger Sprayer is the applicator bottle. The sprayer is a foaming type sprayer which produces a foam that adheres to and slowly runs down the surface. Do not use an atomizing or a misting type sprayer.
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