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TeakGuard Super Cleaner
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TeakGuard Super Cleaner

TeakGuard Super Cleaner is much more effective at cleaning teak. Just spray it on and use bronze wool to clean the wood.

  • Less scrubbing
  • Non-toxic & biodegradeable
  • Neutral pH - not an acid cleaner
Apply the Super Cleaner to dry teak wood. Apply enough to wet the surface of the wood. Let the cleaner set on the surface for about 60 seconds to work on the mild, mildew, and teak oil. Work the cleaner into the wood by scrubbing with a bristle brush or bronze wool. Add additional cleaner if necessary to keep the wood wet while scrubbing. Then, scrub while rinsing the surface with a hose.

The coverage area for the Super Cleaner is difficult to predict since it is dependent upon such factors as:
  • The amount of mold and mildew on the surface. As the cleaner attacks the mold, it gets used up so you have to apply more to continue cleaning.
  • Vertical surfaces take more cleaner because it tends to run down the side. It is necessary to keep the teak wet with cleaner for a few minutes so you must replace the lost cleaner.
  • How much teak oil is on the wood. All existing oil must be removed to open the pours in the top layer of wood to prepare the teak for the Teakguard.
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