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"Pics of my hobie cat before and after Vertglas... pretty impressive! Very satisfied with the product .


"I used your product and couldn't believe my eyes. From faded badly to (after 4-5 coats) a very nice high shine. Many complements. I am very satisfied."

"This is amazing... had a few spare minutes on a Sunday afternoon...so I picked the worst area on the boat to start with and took my time... this is the result of about 30 minutes total time spent.

I really thought that repainting the boat was going to be my only option to restore this 1991 Mariah... this is a sample area of the boat, and you can see the before and after sections.

Very little buffing with the oxidation remover, then the boat wash, then 6 coats of the sealer... simply unbelievable ! Can't wait to finish the boat this week ! Thanks !


"I have tried just about every fibreglas restorer on the market with very disappointing results. I had just about given up getting my boat to look like new again, until I tried your Vertglas product. The results were amazing!! You truly have a miracle product that I will keep using as long as I own a boat."

"I used your product last year on my oxidzed red 20' stingray, and it looks great. I live very close to a marina (across the canal) and even they were shocked. They told me I am hurting new boat sales. Good product, I hope you have a good year.

"I was looking for way to make my heavily oxidized, 1996 procraft bass boat look new and or young again, well I found it in your product "VERTGLAS". I would have spent over $1000.00 to get the gelcoat restored and weeks off the water. Well with Vertglas and some devotion to your hobby, your boat can look wonderful again. I applied Vertglas one morn, and was on the water the next in what looked like a new boat! Hopefully these pics can prove it. Thanks!


"I finally got done yesterday doing two catamarans. The weather turned about sixty and the sun came out. I managed to put on six coats of Vertglas on each, using up all of the sealer.

What a difference! I can't wait to uncover them in the spring and drop these boats in the water. One is a blue 1987 and the other is a white 1990. I never thought we would get the blue one done because we found it very weather damaged in someone's beach front property.

Thank you, I'll write you in the Spring for a replacement sealer."

"I used the Vertglas product this weekend on a 1991 Supra skiboat. The results are absolutely stunning! I took before and after pictures, and they are unbelievable! I put a brief comment in my earlier email, but I could go on and on about the product.

I would have put 20 coats on if there was enough time this weekend! I put 4 coats ont the boat, and WOW! does it look amazing. The original color on the boat was a deep purple, and after oxidation took over, it turned to a very light pink! . . . . not really a cool color. After using the Vertglas system, the color is deeper and richer than when it was new!"

"I've used the Vertglass fiberglass restoration system for two seasons now and I was really IMPRESSED with the results. I have a 1968 Silverline 18' Tri-Hull (White) that I've had for 25 years. It didn't matter what kind of cleaners and wax I used, I just didn't get the results I thought I should get after all the time, effort and elbow grease I expended. And it didn't last the whole season. So when I heard about Vertglas, I thought I would give it a try.

I couldn't believe it. Yeah, it took me the best part of a week end but it sure was worth it. I've had a lot of people comment on how good it looks. Some have asked me what it cost me to have it re-jelcoated. I just wanted to let you know what an amazing product it is."

"I sold my 2 year old boat in 1992. I recently had a chance to buy it back. When I went to look at it, I almost did not get it. It had been sitting behind a barn in the weather for 7 years. It was very dull and faded. After seeing your product, I decided to buy the boat back anyway. After spending about 3 hours using Vertglas removing the oxidation and sealing it looks like new again."

"I recently bought the Vertglass kit to see how it works. I have an amusement park where we have a lot of gelcoat oxidation on some of our rides. The Vertglass system is fantastic. I would like to order Vertglass in larger quantities it available. Please let me know."

"Tried your "Vertglas" restorer on my twenty year old FourWinns boat...followed the directions exaclty and I was truly amazed. The old boat looks better than when it was new! A wonderful and easy to use product."

"Thought you might enjoy these before and after pics. Your product is great and I have recommended it to 2 other people who have ordered a kit of their own. I will definitely pass the word on.



"Want to tell you how much I like your products. I purchased a 1983 Catalina 25 that was in need of some TLC. I purchased Teak Guard and Vertglas Gelcoat Restorer. I've spent the last few weekends working on the boat and it looks great. I've already recommended your products to several people and will continue to do so."

"I recently purchased and used the vertglas restorer kit, and it did a wonderful job..."

"I finally had a suitable weekend for applying the Vertglas restorer I bought last fall. The boat looks great! Per the message below, I had de-oxidized last fall and stored the boat indoors over the winter, so the only preparation I did this spring was to wash the boat thoroughly. The restorer did an excellent job. The boat is a 22' sailboat, and it was very badly oxidized, so it took a fair amount of sealer. I used about 40 ounces, although I probably could have done an adequate job with 32. The boat is white with brown cove and waterline stripes. The white is shining brightly and the stipes have a deep color for the first time since I've owned the boat! Except for the various dings that come with 25 years of use by a succession of amateur sailors, the finish looks just like new!"

"I am another happy customer. I have an 1989 bass boat that had almost no shine and worked very hard at restoring it. Guys recommended all kind of things and I even bought a buffer , which I did not know how to use and burned my gel coat. After I found Vertglas I applied it and WOW it works beyond my wildest dreams. Simple to use and boy does it put a shine on the gel coat of my bass boat. Even covered the gel coat burn so it is barely noticeable. Anybody want to buy a buffer? Thanks, I would give Vertglas a 5 star rating."

"I ordered your Vertgalas Gel Coat Restoration System, with a little reserve, I might add. But this product really works...I was more than pleased with the results. After many different types of waxes and compounds I was about ready to give up. Thank you for an awesome product. I'll never wax again."

"I recently ordered and applied the Vertglas kit, I must say I was a little hesitant about it. But after using your product I can only say how impressed I am."

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