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Welcome to MarineStore.com!
Want to make boating less work and more fun? We do! And our products help you spend less time working on your boat and more time enjoying it.
We test and use all of our products so you know that they work. If you ever have a problem, we're here to help - guaranteed!

Vertglas Replacement
Vertglas has become unavailable, but we have an excellent replacement that we think works even better. Click here to read about the replacement for Vertglas.

New! MS GelCoat Restorer Brings Back The Shine To Faded Boats and RVs!
   We are proud to offer the MS GelCoat Restoration Kit that restores life to faded boats. This is our preferred replacement for Vertglas and it has exceeded all of our expectations. It is easy to apply and maintain. Read more about the MS GelCoat Restoration Kits...
Make your boat or RV shine with Vertglas!
   Before & After

Please note: We are having trouble stocking Vertglas. We recommend that you look at our MS GelCoat Restoration Kits instead.

Does your boat need some help? Our Vertglas Gelcoat Restorer will bring back the shine to just about any boat, even extremely faded ones! Read more about Vertglas...

See the superior shine of Vertglas.

Hate to clean teak? Try TeakGuard!
   TeakGuard Picture Created for boaters who hate cleaning teak, TeakGuard can keep your teak looking great all season long. Its easy to apply and maintain, so you'll have more time to enjoy your boat.

TeakGuard also works great on teak furniture! Make your old and weathered furniture look brand new...and keep it that way!.

Read more about TeakGuard...
Best Sellers...
  Vertglas Gelcoat Restorer

Restore better-than-new shine and brilliance to faded boats.


Clean and protect plastic windows the right way (for cars and boats)


Keep birds off your boat! Environmentally friendly.


Protect vinyl windows from the sun.

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Questions about teak, fiberglass or vinyl windows?

Then read our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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