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Vinyl Window Care and Protection

Keep your windows and plastic protected and looking good...


The vinyl windows in your canvas top can  give you some of the biggest headaches. They get  scratched, foggy, even burned and cracked. And to replace  them will take a big chunk out of your wallet. So what  can you do to prevent this?

We have three products  which can keep your windows looking great and extend  their lifetime. Vertglas 80 and Plexus are  terrific cleaners for plastic and vinyl windows, sealing out dirt and salt.

SunSox is a soft covering  for your canvas tubing which prevents the tubing from heating up under the sun and burning the windows. 


Plastic / Vinyl Window Cleaners

If you've been cleaning your vinyl windows with ordinary household cleaners, DON'T! Ordinary cleaners  can damage the windows and cause them to crack,  especially if you use cleaners containing ammonia.

Plexus is the best choice for freshwater boating and hard plastic surfaces. It produces a superior shine and provides long-lasting protection.

Click here for more info on Plexus.

Vertglas 80 is better for saltwater boating and flexible surfaces (like vinyl windows). It leaves a microfilm of wax on the surface, keeping dirt out and improving visibility. 

Click here for more info on Vertglas 80


Vinyl Window Sun Protection

Another threat to you windows comes from the sun. In the summertime, the sun can heat up the metal pipes supporting your canvas. When your  windows rest against the tubing they can be severely  burned or scorched, possibly even cracking the window!

SunSox SunSox can prevent this problem and make your boat more  attractive as well. SunSox wraps around the canvas  tubing, separating the window from the tubing and keeping  the tubing cooler. And because SunSox comes in a variety of 

Click here to learn more about SunSox.


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