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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Before and After Using Vertglas

Before & After

This is an obviously neglected boat that we cleaned up using the Vertglas system. You can see in the Before picture that the red strip on the topsides was almost white due to oxidation. Now look at the same section in the After picture. The Vertglas system brought back the color and gave the boat a great shine. Best of all, this shine will last the entire season!

How we did it
Step 1:  +   Scrub the surface using Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover to remove all dirt and oxidation, leaving behind a clean surface. The oxidation remover works fast, saving you lots of time.
Vertglas #1
Oxidation Remover
scrub pad
Step 2: Wash off the residue using Vertglas #2 Boat Wash. This is also a great way to keep your boat looking good after you've applied Vertglas.
Vertglas #2
Boat Wash
Step 3:  +   After the surface is dry, wipe on coats of Vertglas #3 Sealer to seal the surface and bring out the shine. Each coat dries in less than a minute - no rubbing or buffing required!
Vertglas #3
Vertglas Sealer

Step 4: You're done!

Congratulations! Your shiny boat is protected for the season. Next season, just reapply a few more coats of the sealer and your boat is protected again!

You can do this too! It really is this easy.

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