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Frequently Asked Questions
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Vertglas FAQ: Restoring Fiberglass Gelcoat

Vertglas Kit Vertglas restores faded and oxidized fiberglass and gelcoat to like-new shine. Unlike a boat wax or fiberglass polish, Vertglass is a sealer which prevents fiberglass gelcoat oxidation and makes boat maintenance and care simple and restores the shine to your gelcoat (no buffing or polishing required).

If you're interested in restoring fiberglass boats, then don't miss the section on removing fiberglass oxidation. This is the first step in restoring faded and dull fiberglass.

What is the Vertglas system?

The Vertiglas system is designed to restore the shine to your boat and make it last. It forms a hard coating on the surface which stops oxidation, lasts the whole season and keeps your boat looking shiny.

There are four components in the Vertglas system but they're really easy to use. They are

  • Vertglas #1 - oxidation remover
  • Vertglas #2 - boat-wash with advanced anti-spotting agents
  • Vertglas #3 - co-polymer sealer (enough for a 25'  boat)
  • Vertglas #4 - sealer remover (in case of gel coat repair)
  • 4" Sealer applicator is also included which eliminates streaking and is easy to use

The system is really easy to use. You simply follow steps 1-3 (using products 1-3) and your boat will look great again. We also include a small bottle of sealer remover (Vertglas #4), just in case you need it (most people never do).

The Vertglas products are available individually or in a complete kit. One bottle of Vertglas #3 will treat a 25 foot boat.

See what some of our customers say about Vertglas.

Will it restore my badly-weathered boat?

Vertglas can restore shine to almost every faded, oxidized boat. If your boat still looks good when it gets wet, Vertglas can restore the shine and maintain it. It's guaranteed.

Vertglas also works on RVs, fiberglass pickup caps, even anodized metal. Nearly anything which can absorb Vertglas can be restored and protected. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us email or call our Info line at (301) 292-3025.

How does Vertglas work?

The Vertglas system seals your gelcoat completely, stopping oxidation cold. Because Vertglas seals the gelcoat surface, it prevents future oxidation and builds up a shine. As you apply more coats, the shine will become even brighter and your boat will be protected longer.

How do I use it?

It's very simple. You first clean off the oxidation using Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover and Vertglas #2 Boat Wash. Then you simply wipe on coats of Vertglas #3 Sealer/Color Restorer and let them dry (no rubbing or buffing is necessary). Each coat takes about one minute to dry and dries clear and shiny: no rubbing or buffing is needed! Our 2", 4" and 10" sealer applicators make application easy!

How many coats are required?

Our rule of thumb is "shine + four": just apply thin coats until you get a shine, then add four more for season-long protection. Typically the first coat or two seals the surface and the next four provide protection for the entire season. If you like, you can apply more coats to get longer protection and a deeper shine. Since each coat dries crystal clear in about a minute, applying extra coats is easy.

How long does it last?

If you follow the "shine + four" rule above, Vertglas will last the entire season and quite often for an entire year. The more coats you apply, the longer your boat will be protected and remain shiny.

How do I maintain the surface?

Frequent maintenance is not required, but we do recommend that you wash your boat regularly to prevent stains. We provide plenty of Vertglas #2 Boat Wash, so you should be able to wash your boat as often as you like.

Annual maintenance consists of applying a few additional coats of the Vertglas #3 sealer. By reapplying more Vertglas, you are rebuilding the sealer layer to provide another year's worth of protection. Since each coat dries quickly, it's easy to reapply the Vertglas sealer.

How does Vertglas compare to waxes?

Vertglas is completely different from waxes. Waxes attempt to seal the surface but leave little pockets of air underneath. If your gel coat has been oxidized before, there are even more pockets of air. Sunlight will immediately begin to work on these pockets of air and oxidize your boat underneath the wax!

Vertglas works because it penetrates into the gel coat and seals the surface completely, stopping oxidation. Because Vertglas is a co-polymer, it forms a hard surface and lasts a long time, giving you an entire season of shine.

How does Vertglas compare to other sealers?

The Vertglas system is different from other products on the market. Why?

  • We provide you with a complete system so you don't  have to worry about incompatible products or how to find the products you need.
  • We give you our unique applicator which prevents streaking and eliminates guesswork.
  • You get a detailed instruction manual which describes the entire  process along with common problems and solutions. You also get a free technical support  hotline if you need further assistance.
  • Vertglas uses newer polymer technology. It provides a harder surface than other polymer  coatings and has more UV protectant solids for longer protection.

What is included?

Vertglas Gel Coat Restoration System:

  • Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover (16 oz.)
  • Vertglas #2 Boat Wash (4 oz.)
  • Vertglas #3 Sealer (16 oz.)
  • Vertglas #4 Sealer Remover (4 oz.)
  • 4" Sealer applicator
  • Complete instruction manual
  • Technical support hotline

One system treats boats up to 25 feet. If you're not sure how much Vertglas you'll  need, call us at (301) 292-3025 and we'll help you figure it out.

Vertglas #1 - Oxidation Remover (16 oz.):

  • Excellent oxidation remover, safe for fiberglass

Vertglas #2 - Boat Wash (32 oz.): 

  • Superior, concentrated boat wash with anti-spotting agents

Vertglas #3 - Sealer (16 oz. & 32 oz.)

  • Fiberglass sealer, stops oxidation, restores shine

Vertglas #4 - Sealer Remover (32 oz.):

  • Removes sealer for gelcoat repair, etc.

Vertglas #41 - Heavy-duty Sealer Remover (32 oz.):

  • Stronger sealer remover, requires less work...

Sealer Applicators

  • 2", 4" and 10" applicators

Why is my boat faded and dull?

Fiberglas gel coat becomes faded, dull, chalky, etc., usually for one reason: oxidation. Sunlight and oxygen convert the surface of the gel coat, changing the shiny, colorful gel coat into a dull, faded surface.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation is the result of your gel coat reacting with oxygen and sunlight. Oxidized gel coat appears as dullness, cloudiness or fading in the color of the gel coat and is typically rough to the touch. You can't make your boat shiny unless you remove the oxidation.

How do I get rid of oxidation?

To remove oxidation, you basically have to rub it off using a product like Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover. Vertglas #1 contains fine abrasives to quickly remove oxidation without scratching your gelcoat. You simply wet down the gelcoat and rub the surface using Vertglas #1 and a white Scotch-brite pad or sponge. See the detailed version of this page for more information.

Can I use Soft Scrub or Comet?

Some people use Soft Scrub to remove oxidation, but it will scratch your fiberglass. In the Vertglas system, we provide you with a micro-fine oxidation remover which easily scrubs off the oxidation but doesn't scratch the surface.

Click here for more detailed information about the Vertglas System.

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