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Pictures of boats using the Vertglas Gelcoat Restorer

See how Vertglas restores the shine to these faded and oxidized boats. Not a boat wax or polish, Vertglas is a sealer which prevents oxidation, makes boat maintenance and care simple, and restores the shine to fiberglass gelcoat. Read more about Vertglass...

Click on any image below to see a larger view. These are high-quality images so they may take a little time to appear.

Do you have pictures of your boat or RV with Vertglas? Send them to us and we'll post them here!

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Look at the reflections on the hull. Does your boat shine like that?
All we did was use the Vertglas System to clean up the boat and bring out the shine.

Its easy and you can do it too!

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The untreated gelcoat above the rubrail is dull & lifeless, just waiting for some Vertglas.

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Here you can see the untreated transom next to the side with Vertglas applied.

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Another shot of the untreated transom and the side treated with Vertglas

Customer Pictures

These are pictures submitted by our customers. You can read more about what customers say about Vertglas on our Vertglas Comments page.

If you have pictures of your boat or RV with Vertglas, please send them to us and we'll post them here!

Before Vertglas

After Vertglas

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