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  • Protect your expensive vinyl windows from sun-scorching...
  • Colorful and attractive, adds character and appeal to your boat...

Protect your windows!!!

How many times have you noticed how hot your canvas gets closed up and sitting under the blazing sun? If vinyl windows rest against the super-hot tubes, they can burn the plastic.

Could this happen to you?

Nearly all boaters potentially face this problem. It's simple: if the summer weather gets very hot, your windows could be in danger. Why take a chance when simple, cheap protection is available?

Protect your investment

SunSox provides inexpensive protection in a variety of colors. Installation is simple: just cut SunSox to the necessary length and wrap it around the metal tubing. Each SunSox package is 6 feet long and 6 inches wide.

SunSox protection
     • Inexpensive, effective protection
     • Easy to install
     • Fits up to 1.5" tubing
     • UV & Mildew-resistant

Colors, length, price...
Six colors to choose from:
• beige / sand   • burgundy
• black   • gray
• blue  

Each package of SunSox contains 72 lineal inches (6 feet) of material 6 inches wide. SunSox is UV and mildew resistant.

Pricing & Ordering:

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