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TeakGuard Teak Treatment
TeakGuard Frequently Asked Questions
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TeakGuard Teak Protectant

TeakGuard guards teak wood on your boat and outdoor / patio furniture. Unlike teak oil and other teak marine products or treatments, TeakGuard protects wood much longer with less care, cleaning, maintenance and refinishing. The Teak Guard treatment is not a varish or sealer, so no sanding or sealing required. No more teak cleaner needed for black teak due to mold and mildew!
  • TeakGuard is easier to use than teak oil, sealers or varnish
  • Lasts the whole season, keeps teak wood looking great with hardly any work
  • Much less maintenance, care and cleaning required
  • Perfect for teak decks, outdoor and patio furniture!

TeakGuard Picture Boaters all over the world both enjoy and hate teak. Finished teak looks terrific but requires lots of cleaning and maintenance.

TeakGuard provides protection for up to one year and will not chip, peel, or fade like sealers or varnish. It is by far the easiest way to protect and maintain teak! Its the best solution for teak decks and outdoor / patio furniture.

To learn about cleaning teak, see our how to clean teak page.

Even the most weathered teak furniture and decks can be restored and easily maintained using TeakGuard. Its easy to apply and won't stain or damage your boat.

Best of all, TeakGuard is easy to maintain. After cleaning the teak wood once, you don't reclean your teak, just reapply TeakGuard.

TeakGuard "guards" the wood from the environment, protecting it from the black specks caused by mold and mildew. Once a season, just apply more TeakGuard to maintain and protect the wood.

Teak deck on S/V Nirvana

TeakGuard is also great for outdoor and patio furniture. You can restore the beauty of teak without the endless cleaning and maintenance needed with teak oil, sealers and varnish.

TeakGuard Picture TeakGuard Picture
Photos compliments of W.B., Miami, Florida

How to get started...

The easiest way to get beautiful teak is with our TeakGuard Teak Maintenance Kit. It has everything you need to clean, protect and maintain your teak wood.

If you have already used TeakGuard, then all you'll need is another bottle of TeakGuard to maintain the Teak Guard protection for the season.

If you're still not sure, then read our how to clean teak page to learn more about how Teak Guard can keep your teak beautiful with little work.

Cleaning and Protecting Teak...

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TeakGuard Teak Maintenance Kit


Includes everything you need to treat your teak
  • TeakGuard (16 oz.)
  • Super Teak Cleaner (8 oz.)
  • bronze wool
  • applicator brushes
  • In-stock

    16 oz

    TeakGuard Teak Treatment & Protectant
    • 16 oz treats 7 sq. feet (3 coats), 1/2 gal. treats 30 sq. feet and 1 gal treats 60 sq. feet.
    • Apply with a foam brush, sponge or rag

    16 oz. $19.95

    1/2 gal. $45.95
    1 gal. $89.90

    New! Super TeakGuard Teak Cleaner
    • New super cleaner
    • Cleans with less scrubbing
    • Non-toxic & biodegradeable
    • Neutral pH cleaner

    8 oz. $16.95

    1/2 gal. $99.00

    16 oz

    TeakGuard Teak Cleaner (original)
    • Original acid cleaner
    • Gentle one-part cleaner
    • Will not raise the wood grain
    • Use with bronze wool
    1/2 gal. $24.95
    1 gal. $49.90
    In -stock
    Bronze wool (3-pack)
    • Use with cleaner, helps to smooth out rough spots



    Foam brush applicators
    • Reusable, disposable

    2" wide $0.50

    3" wide $0.80
    4" wide $1.10

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